The Tarot


I am taking a step into the world of Tarot, I don’t know exactly where this project will lead but my current trajectory has me spending two weeks meditating and studying a single card which I will then reinterpret and remake through my camera lens. With this cyclical project, I hope to discover the world and myself through the symbology, and divine messages within the cards. Each re-interpretation will be released according to the two major moon phases: Full and New. As a Cancer I am ruled by the moon, thus, it feels only right to release this project as so.




The art of reading Tarot cards is an ancient method of interpreting the self and the future. They illuminate hidden gateways in a person’s life and are a powerful tool that have the ability to connect the deepest reaches of the human psyche. The deck consists of  78 cards and are split into two categories, the Major & Minor Arcana. The first 22 are identified as the Major Arcana held to represent the mysteries & secrets of the universe. Each of the Major Arcana has title, such as “The Magician,” “The Empress,” “The Moon” and so forth. They are the most complex of the deck, representing archetypal forces and therefore require deeper thought and practice to understand.The Minor Arcana are the 56 remaining cards decided into four suits: the Wands, the Pentacles, the Swords and the Cups. Each suits corresponds respectively to the astrological elements: Fire, Earth, Air, Water and show aspects of life as people live it.