The Six of Wands

Element: Fire

Zodiac: Aries & Leo

Crystal: Carnelian

Celebrating the full moon The Six of Wands is my 19th Tarot.

What a card, what a card. It is one that carries the message that you are on the right path to success and recognition. An affirmation that you are progressing fast and accurately with what you are doing. Fame and fortune are soon to follow. Just don’t let your head get to inflated otherwise you may fall from grace. The five-star stars shining in the universe behind represent the wands power and the candle that is lit is there to guide and show me the way as the 6th wand.

I was having doubts about myself and my path, I asked the universe to send me recognition and success…. and this is what I pulled…

Oh Tarot cards how I love thee!

Three of Cups



Element: Water

Zodiac: Cancer

Crystal: Emerald

The three of cups, my 18th Tarot! A positive and energetic card, it represents a celebration of friendship and relationships! It is a time to resolve any issues and move past your differences! Spring is in the air and energy is high and vibrant! Reach out to those you love and enjoy their company and friendships.To all my wonderful friends out there (you know who you are) I love you and am so grateful to have you in my life.

The King of Pentacles


Element: Earth
Zodiac: Capricorn, Pisces
Crystals: bloodstone

My 17th Tarot is the king of pentacles, known for his abundance, thought, contentment and achievement.
I had to go deep to figure out how it related to me currently. Like King Midas, the King of Pentacles has the golden touch, the ability to turn anything he touches into gold. In regards to creative projects this card has proven again to be correct, however my projects have not been fulfilled and completed, perhaps it is what is waiting on the horizon? But what is central to this card is self-worth and confidence, building your empire, being diligent, knowledgeable and kind, but not forgetting to enjoy everything you have already.

The Magician

Planet: Mercury

Element: Fire

Crystals:  Opal

The number one of the Tarot, the number of beginnings the magician bridges the gap between the spirit world and the world of humanity. Nagini, my python, a powerful creature that sheds its skin in order to grow and transform is reaching towards the heavens as my conductor, transmuting into the most precious substance: Gold. The triangle symbolizes the three suits of the Tarot deck as well as the themes of magic; alchemy,  wonder, eternity, creativity, illumination, focus, manifestation, occult knowledge and everything that the Magician embodies. On this powerful new moon of Pisces, there is an electric charge that fills the air, it is a time for creative metamorphosis. I am reminded that magic is all around, we must only keep our eyes open and just believe.


Zodiac: Sagittarius

Elements: Fire & Water

Crystals: Malachite

With the full moon high in the sky, I release my 15th Tarot. Temperance.It is a balance of the forces between sub conscious and conscious minds. Nature and material. This card brings balance into every elements of life. The triangle represents femininity being protected by natural law. The Temperance card is telling me that my inner voice is guiding me and to pay attention and reflect on the goals I have set.Temperance is about patients (something I need to always focus on and remind myself to have) and acting with precision and accuracy, remembering that the impossible is very much possible.


Eight of Pentacles

Element: Earth

Zodiac: Virgo

Crystals: Bloodstone

New Moon, New a New Release. The Eight Pentacles is my 14th Tarot. A reminder that determination and hard work will be recognized and rewarded.This card holds the foresight that change is on the horizon. Eight of pentacles represents close attention to details and serves as a remember that if  you keep chiseling away, you can unlock the keys to your universe. And so as the great Michel Angelo said

“ I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free” – And this is exactly what I intend to do.

Knave of Swords

Element: Air

Zodiac: Libra

Crystal: Quartz

As one era comes to a close, there is a restless feeling that has settled in over the past two weeks…but instead of getting bogged down the Knave of Swords represents energy and excitement. There will always be challenges, it is up to us to rise to the occasion. With that being said, this card holds opportunity, information and ideas waiting to be discovered.

The light is green….energy is boundless… GO!

The year 2017 adds up to the number 10, or the year of 1 which perfectly embodies the Knave, energy, creativity and hope!

2017 is off to a great energetic start!

Ace of Cups

Element: Water

Zodiac: Cancer, Scorpio

Crystal: Emerald

The Ace announces the themes of its suit and is always representative of positive forces.Ace of Cups stands for love, emotions, intuition, and intimacy. During this festive season there has been heightened love and emotions.

The Ace of Cups was a great way to end an intense and vivid year (to say the least). I’ve learned in my short 25 years that one must surround yourself with people that are important, build you up and are there for you (not easy to find). One must not get hung up on the trendiest party and keeping up appearances with “friends” that aren’t really friends at all. This card just highlights the importance of those feelings that I have had for years. Looking forward to the new year!


Happy New Year one and all.

Eight of Wands

eight-of-wandsElement: Fire

Sign, Aries, Leo

Crystals: Carnelian

Patients has never been a strong suit of mine…who has the time? But as two weeks slowly evolved I realized that one must set the intention….throw it into the universe and then wait….patiently for the response. Nothing great comes quickly, it does indeed take time.

The eight of wands is charged full of energy and momentum, propelling me forward to reach my goals. Pulling this card was just a reminder that the universe is listening and I must continue to work hard but be patient for my time will come. This card is also a symbol of travel, inner emotional or outer physical journeys, it all depends on the moment. Thus, my spear creates a channel through which my raw energy can flow forth into the ether above and my body can move forward to tread my path of destiny.


untitled-1In loving memory of Godiva Lui

Sign: Leo

Element: Earth

Crystal: Citrine

Under extraordinary circumstances this week I  decided to chose the card, as it seems that all those around me could use with a little reminder. A reminder that our inner strength has the power to over come any obstacle, even in the darkest of times. Those who think they can’t…can (even if that sounds so cliche). We each carry within us the strength Archetype, we all have great stamina and persistence, tempered by an underlying patience and inner calm.  In times of need we must turn inward and ignite that inner strength. The lion, king of all beasts, the ultimate symbol of strength,is standing in this card as reminder that you are master of your world- Michelangelo once said “I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free” and this is what the universe and fate has done with your true self. It is up to you to accept the challenge and set your inner angel free.